Monday, May 11, 2015

Sample Rundown #6

Can you believe it's already time for another Sample Rundown?! I can, because I'm a derp: I've mostly focused on sample packets that I've finished, but of course, deluxe sample sizes that take far longer to finish still count. I mean, you get 2 uses of something out of a sample packet and dozens out of the deluxe aren't you better able to assess the deluxe samples?

Moving right along! Here are my thoughts.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy balm --This balm is nice enough that, when I exchanged several products and ordered a few new ones in their stead, I decided to throw another tube in to my cart. (The code "FRESHLIPS" should still work for Sephora orders!) It has an incredibly slick formula that reminds me of Blistex, and it tastes a bit like lemon and honey--very pleasant. It provides decent moisturization, roughly on par with Jack Black's popular balm, but not quite as intense as pure lanolin. Also, because it applies in such thin, slippery layers, it's good under lipstick if you use a small amount. I don't think I'd pop out the money for a full size tube because the Jack Black is so much cheaper and it has sunscreen, but this is still an effective balm.

Dior DiorShow Maximizer lash primer -- I almost feel silly posting about this, since I've mentioned it a few times in the past. But it's been a while since I've had a tube of this marvelous, marvelous stuff. One layer of this lash primer under two layers of Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara gives me the thickest, fullest, most dramatic lashes you've ever seen; people actually ask me if I'm wearing false lashes when I use this stuff. Of course, it doesn't work under every mascara: because it tends to thicken the lashes, it won't work well under stuff like CoverGirl Clump Crusher (which is designed to separate), and it made Eyeko Black Magic look more spidery. But if you can find the right combo, this is a real winner for volume lovers like me.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist -- Ignore the fact that I look a smidgen too shiny in the above picture and look at my hair instead. It's looking decent, right, with lots of texture and healthy shine? That's because I spritzed it with this texture mist. My hair is baby fine and very curly, and this spray manages to bring some life back to my second-day hair. It enhancers my curls and makes it look like I deliberately mussed myself. Weirdly enough, I don't like how this sits on freshly-washed hair: it gets really crispy and gives me that 90s scrunched look. I dislike resembling a poodle, so I save this for days when my hair is slightly dirty and I want to do more than pull it up in a ponytail. That doesn't happen too too often, especially in the summer, but I might buy a full size of this stuff anyway. Side note: this is specifically designed for layered styles, so if you only have 1 or 2 lengths in your hair, give it a pass.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien -- I wore this in a recent FOTD and spoke about it briefly. Since then, I've worn it a few more times and have come to the conclusion that I like the formula, but don't love it. It's comfortable, pigmented, and it fades evenly...but unfortunately, it does fade quickly. That's fine for neutral shades like this, but I like a lot of brights, and I don't want them fading off of my mouth whilst I drink coffee. I'll keep this pencil because it's a great shade for work and the size makes it perfect for travel, but for now, I don't think I'm going to purchase anything else from the range.

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