Monday, June 8, 2015

REVIEW: Buxom Show Some Skin Foundation

I have resisted finishing this review for several weeks. Why, you ask? Because any time I start saying I love a product, something terrible happens and it no longer works for my skin. Maybe I'll suddenly start breaking out, or it'll turn a funny color, or I'll find out that the person who owns the brand is an ax murderer. This is my luck!

But I've been using the Buxom Show Some Skin foundation for a month now and haven't experienced any issues yet. So we're going forward with our fingers crossed!

Buxom Show Some Skin (hereafter abbreviated as SSS) costs $34 for 1.5oz: a very reasonable price as far as mid/high-end products go. The product is packaged in a clear plastic tube with a squeeze nozzle, which makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount of product without making a mess and allows you to see how much you have left. I don't notice any particular smell with this product--maybe just a hint of something powdery, but that's it.

 Flash on top, daylight on the bottom. From left to right: Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in Sx01, Buxom Show Some Skin in Tickle the Ivory, and NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia.

I purchased the lightest yellow shade, Tickle the Ivory, after a kind MUAer pointed out that they had just released the shade. It is, indeed, quite pale and yellow: less yellow than NARS Siberia (but most things are) and slightly darker than KA Sx01, but still in the same range. I'd peg this at about NC10. (Note: If you want more comparison swatches, click here!) This product did not oxidize on my skin.

The shade range is, overall, quite nice: it ranges from very pale to medium dark. I did notice that most of the products have beige or yellow undertones, so if you're exceptionally cool-toned, you may not be able to find a shade match.

The texture of the foundation is a thick, creamy liquid. It feels like a lotion when you rub it in to your skin, which makes sense, given that this is supposed to be a "hydrating and brightening" product. As you rub it in, you'll notice that it has a slight "silicone powder" feel. This may be the talc in the formulation.

It is best applied with fingers. A brush requires a little too much work because of the thickness, and a damp sponge will soak up too much product to give you any coverage. I mean, you CAN use those things, but...just use your fingers. For real.

Now, Buxom describes this product's coverage as "light to medium." I have to say it's sort of between the two, in my opinion: it doesn't cover redness as well as YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat or Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +, but it's not as sheer as Chantecaille Just Skin or a single layer of MAC Face & Body. In other words, it's just about as much coverage as I like on a daily basis. As you can see in these images, it evened out my skintone and softened up my spots and discoloration, but didn't completely cover the sallow patches at the corners of my mouth or my blemishes. It is a satin, skin-like finish.

I will note that while Buxom claims this foundation is layerable, I didn't notice an improvement in coverage when I added a second layer. I think what you get with one thin layer of product is pretty much what you're stuck with.

As per usual, I tested this product (in my sexy robe!) on bare skin, with no primers or powders. You'll notice that it looks decent throughout the day except for on my nose--the only truly oily spot of my face. It did get a bit shiny on my forehead and chin, but nothing too extreme. This is definitely a foundation for normal-to-dry skin; oily-skinned people will definitely want to take a pass on this. This product promises at least 8 hours wear time, and that's relatively long as you aren't oily.

The header image is my "optimal" application: a thin layer of powder through the t-zone. This keeps the foundation looking nice and natural for most of the day. I do have to blot my nose every 3-4 hours, but I have such a hard time finding foundations that look nice on my dry skin that a little blotting is a small price to pay.

This product contains SPF30, so I wanted to make sure I tested it under some "extreme flash" conditions, ie, low light and a bright flash bulb. The above photos are high definition on the left and standard definition on the right.  As you can see, I didn't experience any flashback with SSS. Bear in mind that I'm very pale, so flashback may be more obvious/present on darker skintones.

As for "hydrating" and "brightening"? Eh, not so much. This does sit well on my skin, and despite the fact that it contains talc, it doesn't seem to dry me out. That being said, it won't replace any of my regular skincare. If it has any brightening or evening-out benefits, it's probably because the sunscreen helps to prevent hyper-pigmentation.

Regardless, I seriously, seriously love this stuff. It's an almost perfect match for me right out of the tube, it sits well on my skin, and it has SPF30! Buuuuuuuut we also know I love MAC Face & Body. And because they're both light-coverage foundations, I kinda felt the need to justify keeping both. Here's a comparison chart:

In short, MAC F&B is cheaper per ounce (if you buy the large bottles like I do), dewier, less yellow, more buildable, and longer-wearing. Buxom SSS isn't as glowy, cheap, or versatile, but it has SPF, matches me pretty darn well right out of the tube, and is incredibly easy to apply if you're in a big damn hurry.


RATING: 5 out of 5


  1. Haha! I knew you would like it. I still reach for mine daily.

    1. I'm trying not to reach for it daily, because I *do* still enjoy F&B. But it's just so quick and easy.

  2. Has there actually been one where the brand was owned by an axe murderer, or someone of that league?

    1. An actual axe murderer? Not sure. But companies like Lime Crime have shady dealings that I'm not too keen on supporting at the moment.

  3. Trying to tell myself I don't need this. It's not working so well.

    1. You gotta think: "Do I already have a base or two that I love? Will this one fill a gap in my collection?" If the answer is "yes, no," then you probably don't need it. :)