Friday, August 14, 2015

What's in your "OH CRAP MAKEUP EMERGENCY" kit?

For the most part, I am not obsessive about wearing makeup every time I go in public. On days when I wear it, I take my time putting it on at home; on days when I don't wear it, I just say, "Eh, screw it," and go about my life. No big.

But there are times when I wake up way too late for work and have to rush to the bus stop looking like the Night of the Living Dead. (What sadist invented snooze alarms, anyway?!) And there are times when I'm bumming around the house with a few friends when they suddenly decide to traipse out to the city for a big party or a major event. And at moments like that, I'm glad I have an "emergency kit."

My emergency kit contains bobby pins, q-tips, and 4 itty bitty pieces of makeup. They're housed in a Bite Beauty tin from a Christmas gift set, which fits perfectly in my purse. Here's what I keep with me:

1. Buxom Some Show Skin in Tickle the Ivory -- Hidden in that little NARS pot is roughly 2-3 applications of my current favorite tinted moisturizer. Not only does it contain SPF30 (so I don't have to carry an extra satchet of sunscreen), it's also very easy to apply in a rush.

2. any decent mascara sample -- Mascara does a great job of making me look more awake and put-together with very minimal effort. I just toss in whatever sample I have handy, provided said sample isn't of a mascara I absolutely abhor. I'm currently carrying around a mascara that I love: NARS Audacious.

3. Anastasia Perfect Brow pencil in Medium Brown -- Somebody sold me this sample-sized pencil for a few dollars. It doesn't top my Shu Uemura Hard Formula pencil, and my favorite Becca brow products are actually the Brow Wiz and the clear brow gel. But it's still a really good pencil with plenty of pigment, and the size makes it a perfect fit for my emergency kit.

4. Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon -- I lurv the Beach Tints! I mostly use them as blushes, but they can also work as sheer lip tints in a pinch. Watermelon is the perfect "every day" shade for my fair skin, and it blends in beautifully.

So I gotta ask: what's in your emergency kit?


  1. I used to carry around a full emergency kit (foundation, blush, liner, shadow, the works) when I was still modeling and had a lot of last minute casting calls. I hate doing make up outside of my vanity though, so nowadays I fully support the all or nothing ideology. (My friends also appear to be a lot less spontaneous than yours. Haha)

  2. Oh, they don't do the makeup for you?! That is tricky...