Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stila Convertible Color Swatches

I used to own a Stila Convertible Color or two, and I always enjoyed the formula. Granted, it's meant to be a dual lip-and-cheek product, but it's not the most comfortable or flattering lip product. Still, it's an emollient cream blush formula, and I'm all about that. I resisted purchasing more of these, though, because I am a cream blush queen and really shouldn't collect more.

So why did I cave? Well, Stila released some trios of "mini" Convertible Colors for spring. Now that fall is coming, the trios are on sale for $10 each (get them while you can!), and there was also a coupon for an additional 20% off of all sale items.

6 blushes for $16 plus shipping? Sold!

The compacts for these minis are not as sturdy as the full-size compacts. The plastic is thinner, especially at the hinge, so you need to be careful when you open and close these. The actual product, however, is the same. The six colors I got are, from left to right, Camellia, Petunia, Tulip, Lillium, Hibiscus, and Peony.

Camellia is a warm nude shade. It will definitely look terrible on me, so I plan on giving it away. Petunia is a warm pink; it reminds me of a peachier Kevyn Aucoin Isadore. Tulip is a berry red, and it's definitely the most pigmented out of all of these. It's also slightly less emollient than the other shades, but it's by no means dry. Lillium is a soft pink nude, one of those rare nude shades that is doable for pale skin. Hibiscus is a bright coral shade; out of all of these, I think it sits on the lips the best. Peony is a pink nude that I might be able to get away with, but if I can't, it'll look great on my mom.

All of these swatch relatively true to what's in the pan with one weird exception:

Petunia arrived with a weird layer o' fuchsia on top of it. I've heard of this happening with this particular Stila CC shade, so I just scraped off the top layer. But c'mon, Stila, you should figure this stuff out!

As a side note: a few of the tags have been moved to a new "Challenge Series" category on the blog side bar! :)


  1. Wow, my Lillium certainly looks a lot darker than in your photos, and on the cheeks, it's sort of a peachy pink type of shade. But mine is ridiculously old, so maybe they changed the color slightly since then.

    1. It's peachy pink on my cheeks, too, if that helps!

  2. I love these so much!! I bought the palette with all the colours in it, I have yet to use it as it's soooo pretty!!