Friday, October 16, 2015

Lipstick Diaries #7: Stila Beso and Hourglass Empress

Entry #7 includes two faboosh liquid lipsticks in bold colors, just in time for fall!

Stila Beso is my current favorite matte red. It's relatively neutral, with a good balance of blue and orange, though if I had to peg it as either cool or warm, I'd say it reads a bit more warm. The formula is very moussey and creamy, and it spreads easily on my lips. This lipstick will last through eating and drinking with next to no fading. Also, if you do experience any fading, it's easy to touch-up.

Hourglass Empress is my vamp shade of choice. It's a deep-but-not-too-brown plum shade that will flatter a lot of skintones. The Hourglass formula is a bit thicker than the Stila, which means touch-ups are not recommended; however, I find that this lipstick lasts pretty damn well through eating and drinking. This is one of the more drying matte lipstick formulas on the market, so if you're already prone to dryness, give this one a pass.

While I love both of these shades, I'm not totally wild about the applicators. The doe foots are flexible, so I have to be very careful when applying to avoid a mess--I usually start by lining my lips with the tip of the applicator. I also have to wipe off a lot of excess product on the mouths of the tubes, because a dab goes such a long way!


  1. both are gorgeous shades on you! I'm in awe at how flawless Beso looks

    1. I'm pretty sure Beso has replaced MAC Ruby Woo, if you can believe it.