Tuesday, October 13, 2015

REVIEW: Tonymoly Delight Cotton Pact

I've been enjoying Japanese and Korean beauty products since college, so I'm glad that they're becoming more popular among internet beauty aficionados. More popularity means better access to legitimate products, even in the misty, murky land of eBay. I've been purchasing my Korean beauty from a trustworthy seller, f21plus, for a few years now, and I recently decided to purchase the Tonymoly Delight Cotton Pact in shade #1 Cotton Clear.

Sorry about those cuticles. Eek.

This pact cost me $5.79 for 5 grams of product. Shipping was free, and it only took two weeks to reach me--very fast for overseas shipping!

As the 5 gram size suggests, this is a very small compact, but I wanted that for travel purposes. The packaging is made out of relatively sturdy plastic. There is a nice mirror in the lid--great for touch-ups--and a puff in the bottom. The puff is incredibly soft and of nice quality, though it can be a bit of a bitch to clean. The closure is good on this compact; it shuts tightly every time.

Cotton Clear is the translucent white shade; there is a second, light beige color called #2 Cotton Beige available as well. Please notice that I said this powder is translucent, not transparent: if you are darker than about NC/NW15, it may start to leave a white cast on your skin. I swiped some of the product on my brother's arms, which are about NC25-30 right now, and definitely noticed a strong gray cast. I'm so pale that this wasn't a problem for me, but it's definitely worth noting the limited shade range.

The feel of this powder is relatively creamy, though it doesn't feel quite as light and airy as high-end powders like my D&G. Many of these Korean blot powders contain talc or cornstarch to soak up moisture and give the product a soft feel. Tonymoly states that this powder contains white clay, but I wouldn't be surprised if talc was in the ingredients list as well. (My Korean is very rusty, so I can't really read the ingredients list.)

The Tonymoly Delight Cotton Pact works relatively well. The "before" picture shows my nose after about 3-4 hours of wearing makeup, with a definite oily sheen across my skin. The "after" picture was taken immediately after applying a small amount of product with the puff; it definitely soaks up the oil. This soft matte effect lasts for about 2 hours before I start to get shiny again. This is important to note: the Tonymoly Delight Cotton Pact is a blotting powder, not an oil control powder--it will soak up oil, but it will not prevent oil production. If you have very oily skin, this may not be the product for you.

While the powder makes pores a bit more obvious and appears a little dry in HD photos, it looks fine to the naked eye. So I skip this powder for high definition photography, but I keep in my briefcase for my 12-hour work days. You can blot with this powder several times throughout the day without trouble, though I prefer to use this powder in tandem with oil-blotting sheets.

I'm enjoying my Tonymoly Delight Cotton Pact, but I have to admit that it has limited applications. It only works on a small range of skintones, and it may look drying in photographs. If you're light skinned and you want a small, cheap blot powder to carry around in your bag, give this a try; otherwise, I'd give a different powder a time to...well, shine.

RATING: 3 out of 5

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