Friday, October 9, 2015

This Isn't Makeup: Art by Masha Vereshchenko

In an attempt to follow my own rules and consider what my pocket change can buy besides makeup, I've decided to start showcasing the awesome, but totally-not-beauty-related, products I purchase. (These posts will be located under the "I Can't Paint My Face With This" tag.)

This isn't to say that buying makeup is bad. I'm not here to guilt anybody. I'm just trying to maximize my savings and supplement my other interests by reducing my makeup spending. I also want to be far more aware of how blase I am about spending on makeup I don't need. (And trust me, I spend more on makeup than I would on other things: I can drop $100 on lipstick without blinking, but paying $50 for two new pairs of much needed dress pants last month damn near killed me.)

First up, a piece of art.

This little painting is an original by Masha Vereshchenko, a local artist whose work always strikes me as eerily beautiful. Most of her originals are out of my (very low) price range, but in an attempt to fund an upcoming trip, she created a number of smaller pieces. After missing out on quite a few beautiful canvases, I managed to get my hands on this $35 piece via her Etsy store.

When I showed it to my mother, she said, "I don't get it. Explain it to me--go!" And I fumbled. This is partially because I was put on the spot, but also because I feel that what art means to us can be very, very personal. It's not the sort of thing you just summarize in one or two sentences. (My mom isn't really in to non-traditional art, either, so trying to explain my feelings to her would've made me feel uncomfortably pretentious.) Some artists are also sensitive about viewers getting something that wasn't intended out of a piece.

But I do truly love and feel attached to this little guy. In this small canvas, I see reflected one of my greatest fears: that if I truly succeed in academia, it will only be because I have left behind everyone who was important to me. I will be well and truly alone.

Website: Mouse Bones
(OR: purchase art from Etsy)

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