Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bad Outfit #25: Fall Drag Show

Are we all aware that I haven't done an actual "bad outfit" post since I created the new header image last year? Look, I can explain myself: I wear a lot of cheap thrifted stuff (so if you liked it, you wouldn't really be able to find it for yourself in a store), and I am not that fashionable. I haven't worn jewelry in years, I will likely wear the same three pairs of boots until I'm in my grave, and if I'm not going to work or heading out on a rare excursion, I tend to laze about in my pajamas or some leggings. It renders most breakdowns damn near pointless.

But, y'know, I was going to a drag show, so I got dressed. And I love this hideous turtleneck, I love these boots, and I haven't worn velvet in a while. So here we go.

The tacky turtleneck (which I lurv) and the full-length velvet skirt were both purchased at thrift stores for less than $5 each. Ridiculous turtle necks like that are a rare find, in my opinion, but I find velvet skirts a-plenty every time I thrift.

The boots are my favorites by Vince Camuto, and while this specific style (Bollo) is no longer available, I can recommend Camuto boots in general. The only problem with them is that if you have wide feet like me, you will want to take them to a cobbler to get them widened in the toe box.

Going out to a drag show, by the way, is my time to wear two things: House of Matriarch Blackbird and Chanel Illusion d'Ombre shadows. I went for Epatant on this night, because why not? And the lipstick is the Dior Fluid Stick in Kiss Me.


  1. OMFG THAT TURTLENECK. LOVE IT. I wish I had more occasions to wear my outrageous thrift-store clothes. Maybe I should start going to drag shows...

    1. It didn't photograph perfectly, but it's definitely fun and flattering in real life. My kind of tacky!