Thursday, May 11, 2017

Return of the Lipstick Diaries #9: Lime Crime Cupid and Saddle

I decided to use two more Lime Crime Velvetines for this round: one that I'm not drawn to, even though it's relatively flattering, and one that I always want to pull out of the drawer, even though it looks "meh" oh me.

The first shade is Cupid, a warm pink. Wearing it that day and looking at in these pictures, I have to admit that I think the color is absolutely beautiful, and I think it brightens up my complexion. The formula is also a Velvetine standard: smooth, easy to apply, and long-wearing. So why don't I grab this shade more? Honestly, I think it's because I'm not naturally attracted to warm pinks for...some reason. Also, it's not soft enough to work in a "nude lip" look, but it's not as bright as the other "bold lip" shades I tend to reach for. It's in a weird slot in my collection, if that makes sense.

Saddle is a slightly different story. I think this color radiates autumn, which is My Thing. But you know what? I'm not sure about it. Don't get me wrong: if I crop this photo in to a disembodied lip swatch, I can totally appreciate how delightful this vampy red-brown is on its own. But Saddle just doesn't seem to work on my face. I enjoy wearing it, yet I admit that it doesn't look as flattering as Besame Chocolate Kiss, which is a bit lighter and more red. I'm thinking of holding on to it until this fall rolls around, then re-assessing how I feel.


  1. Cupid is seriously pretty on you, but I share your distaste for medium warm pinks in general (the difference being that they usually look terrible on me). I see what you mean about Saddle (maybe too high-contrast for your coloring?), but I do think the orange tones bring out your eyes beautifully. And ultimately, a lipstick you're excited about wearing will do you more favors confidence-wise than a lipstick you feel meh about, even if it's technically flattering. Or so I tell myself, anyway.

    1. Maybe it's because it's vaguely yellow and it makes me look more sallow...? I dunno, it's pretty if I look at it on its own, but I don't like how it looks on me as a whole.