Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Moderate Stash: End of 2017 Lipstick Collection Swatches

I didn't think I'd do another "here are my lipsticks" type post before the end of the year, since I've been on a lipstick no buy for the last few months. But my collection has actually changed a bit since that declutter video, thanks to a couple of swaps, some beauty box arrivals, and another mini-declutter conducted whilst swatching for this post. I honestly can't wait to do my end-of-the-year inventory, because I'm incredibly proud of how small my collection is now.

Is my lipstick drawer worthy of a minimalist now? Heck no, but I've definitely made some improvements since my last Moderate Stash swatch post. For starters, I've admitted that I just don't like gloss and have gotten rid of pretty much all of them, and anything gloss-adjacent; the only one I own now is the clear gloss from Glossier. (Wow, I never thought I could put the word "gloss" in to a sentence so many times...)

Doing a regular inventory like this also stops me from buying more shit I don't need. I won't lie: there are a few shades I'm interested in getting as soon as 2018 rolls around, namely MAC Chili. And if Besame comes out with Red Velvet in special Agent Carter packaging? I don't know if I'll be able to resist, since I already love the shade and Hayley Atwell is ah-mah-zing.

Anyway, let's get on to the swatches! Natural light is on the left, flash is on the right.

Mauves and Purples


Peaches and Browns

Reds and Corals

(Side note: I decided to get rid of Ciate Diva shortly after swatching it. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice lipstick, but it's so similar to Besame Victory Red that I don't think I need both.)


  1. Raquel looks amazing! I love the idea of victory red, and I think I want to try some of the Glossier lipsticks... they just seem sort of expensive for what you get, you know?


    1. Honestly, unless you really love the color and ease, you can get a similar effect by tapping on a regular lipstick as a stain.

  2. Urgh im just WAITING for the agent carter collection to come out so that i can make my besame order. I like how NARS michiyo is just leaping off the screen! Haha.

  3. Hey, would you mind talking about the difference in undertone between victory red and red velvet? I'm thinking about getting a besame lipstick, but can't swatch. Are there any colors that are dupes of victory red that are swatched on temptalia? Thanks!

    1. Victory Red is lighter and brighter. Both look like they lean blue-based on my face.

      You'd have to check Temptalia for her dupes.