Friday, December 15, 2017

VIDEO: Winter 2017 Empties

 (NOTE: To watch full-screen, start playing, then click the YouTube button at the bottom right.)

I apologize for the sound and the lighting be all whackadoo in this video. I wanted to re-record it, but I'd already thrown away my empties in a fit of optimism. I'm still working on the quality!


Hair - 0:25

Fragrance - 0:40

Body - 3:20

Skincare - 6:10

Makeup - 8:55


  1. I saw your Instagram post regarding the Kat Von D mess but don't have an account; you probably have tried it, but I don't mind MAC Select NW 15 - the NCs only started at 20 and both nw and NC 20 were way too dark. The colour is okay and is easier to blend than NARS RCC and Urban Decay.....they did not play nice with my sensitive skin but the MAC does, so far. V

    1. I'll check out the MAC range this coming year--thanks!