Saturday, March 3, 2018

Another Slew of Light and Dark Swatches

I've gathered samples for the past few months and am now tentatively ready for a new slew of swatches. I say "tentatively" because it's damn near impossible to get truly dark foundation samples on sample cards. Most brands just use their "darkest-of-the-middle" shade. I'll repeat what I said on Instagram stories here: if any brand wants to send me 1-2 use samples of their lightest and darkest foundation and/or concealer shades (no full size products or payment needed), I'll gladly take them for my next swatch post.

I thought I'd try this in three lighting situations this time, so let me know what you think about that! The left photo is in direct sunlight, the middle photo is in indirect sunlight, the right photo is with flash. Please remember that these are being swatched on the inside of my arm, which is very light and leans cool yellow (NC5-ish). Hence, some undertones or shades may appear quite stark. My hope is that you'll be able to compare the shades to each other to figure out if you have a match. Also, I apologize about the disparity in swatch thickness; almost all of these came from free sample cards, and some of them give you almost no product to test.

From top to bottom:

From top to bottom:

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