Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I Tried Copying Makeup Artists - The Direct-to-Video Sequel

You guys seem to love watching me make a complete ass out of myself, and now that I'm an adult who has made peace with most of the very stupid shit she did as a teenager, I'm right there with you. So I've gathered four more interesting tips from makeup artists across the YouTubes to test out. Oddly enough, these ended up being very eye makeup-centric, which wasn't planned. Maybe I'm subconsciously scarred from rubbing a metric ton of MAC Face & Body in to my skin the last time. That felt suuuuper weird.

Jordan Liberty: use a peach corrector on dark circles and a balm on your lids

Truthfully, the tip I wanted to steal the most from this tutorial was the "highlighting pencil" trick. I don't have a shiny pencil that's light enough to highlight my paper white face, though, so I had to take a pass for now. Instead, I decided to go with the peach corrector, which Jordan says will cut down on how much concealer you need, and some balm for a glossy lid look.

Samantha Chapman: put soap in your brows

Samantha Chapman is one of the Pixiwoo sisters, whom I've been watching since they started on YouTube a decade ago. She's one of the makeup artists responsible for repopularizing this old school makeup trick and bringing it to the masses. You wet a spoolie with some clear soap and run it through your brows for a thicker, more textured look. It may sound silly, but guys, if I think it'll make me half as attractive as the Chapman sisters, I'm gonna try it.

Valli O'Reilly: brush over your lashes with a spoolie and a tissue

I love it when Lisa Eldridge has guest artists on her channel! This artist, Valli O'Reilly, often worked with the late Amy Winehouse. But I'm not stealing that trademark blunt eyeliner, I'm going for the lash look, which Valli says is achieved by putting a tissue under the lashes and running a spoolie/wand over top of them.

The Results

I didn't have quite the same amount of rip-roaring success this round, but a good bit of that seems to be user error. The Valli O'Reilly trick is a prime example: I couldn't remember if she brushed over the lashes with the actual mascara wand or a clean, dry one. Suffice to say that running the wand on top of my lashes made them clumpier, even with a tissue underneath. But the clean spoolie + tissue combination worked really well for me, pulling out obvious clumps while catching flakes. It's way more work than I'd want to do normally, but I'll keep it in my pocket for special occasions or "what the Hell did I just do to my eyelashes" moments.

I've tried soap brows again since filming and photographing this post, annnnnd...yeah, I'm still not sure how I feel. On the one hand, I dislike having to get the just-right-amount of soap to prevent sudsing, but still get that hold, and it's a little fussier than what I'm used to. On the other hand, it gives me some damn cool texture, particularly on my good brow. And a $3 bar of glycerin soap is waaaaay cheaper than the two or three tubes of brow gel I kill every year.

The most successful tips are probably the Jordan Liberty ones. I haven't had much luck with color correctors in the past, and I still don't think the one I used here was quite the right shade of peach for me. But it definitely brightened the area and cut down on how much concealer I needed. I might try a thinner, lighter peach corrector in the future. The glossy lids are not something I'll be doing on the daily, since it's a tad messy and my deepset eyes hide the effect most of the time; still, it looks damn cool in pictures.

If you want to watch me rub soap in to my brows and hear me spray and slap my face at 4x speed, please enjoy this bonus video.


  1. Looks to me like Valli is using a clean, dry wand from a different mascara. I like keeping wands once I'm done with a mascara, too. Free spoolie!

    1. I think you're right, and it definitely looks better with the clean wand!