Tuesday, May 8, 2018

VIDEO: My Sunscreens

 (To watch in full screen, start the video, then click the "YouTube" icon.)


Disclaimers - 0:30

Face Sunscreens for Incidental Exposure - 4:30

Face Sunscreens for Extended Time Outside - 9:10

Body Sunscreens I Would Not Repurchase - 17:23

Body Sunscreens I Would Repurchase - 20:20

Lip Sunscreens - 27:05


For more info on how sunscreen works, definitely check out Labmuffin's super helpful videos:

Chemical vs. Physical Sunscreen

I used the Skinacea UV Filters chart for this video.

Here is a video on Hawaii's sunscreen ban.

Click here for my full Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint review.


  1. There has been a lot of conflicting information about Banana Boat's sunscreen. In NZ where I live, our consumer watchdog tested their EveryDay SPF50+ sunscreen (not the Sun Comfort one you list) and found that it didn't live up to its SPF claims. And yet Banana Boat came back with their own tests and they found that it did live up to the SPF claims? I just can't decide what to believe when it comes to that brand!

    1. Straight off the bat, I'm not going to believe anything a company says about their own product. That doesn't mean they're outright fibbing; they're just more likely to skew or misrepresent their testing methods or results.

      As for the Every Day: it's a different product from the Sun Comfort, and from what I'm seeing, Every Day is not available in the US. Beyond the fact that Consumer Reports and the NZ equivalent likely have different testing methods, I would be stunned if New Zealand didn't also have much higher standards. The sun is brutal down there!

      And of course, no sunscreen line will have totally flawless products across the board.

    2. It's definitely a different kind of sun here, really you need to use an SPF30 or 50 if you don't want to end up blistering! Although Australia definitely have a harder time than we do. I was in Melbourne in February (the height of summer here) and honestly the sun was so strong that I still tried to cover up and stuck on the shady side of the pavement, even with my SPF50 sunscreen...